Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baby Dillon Is Here!

Baby Dillon is finally here! I was supposed to have a c-section on Monday, November 26 but little Dillon had other plans! The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving I was baking a pumpkin pie and making ho-cakes for the cornbread stuffing we had planned for our Thanksgiving dinner the next day...trying to get a few things out of the way early so we wouldn't be so overwhelmed on Thursday. The pumpkin pie recipe called for you to put foil around the edges so the crust wouldn't burn and then take it off for the last 20 minutes of baking but as I went to put the pie back in the oven i dropped it and it spilled all over the oven and in the crack between the oven and the door! I was devastated and when i went to get Josh to clean it up I cried and somehow we ended up getting in a fight...I remember thinking in the midst of all this, "geez what if this makes me go into labor?" I had been dilated 1cm at my 37 week visit but despite lots of false labor was no further along by the 38 week appointment. Due to this and my previous labor with Austin in which i had to be induced after his due date I did not think I would go into labor early. But lo and behold I wake up at 3am on Thanksgiving morning with water dripping down my leg and as soon as I sat up it gushed out. My first words were "oh crap." At this point Josh woke up and I said, "I either just peed myself or my water broke." We quickly figured out it was my water and got up to start packing. I jumped in the shower and frantically started throwing stuff into a bag. Josh called the hospital and woke Austin up and we were ready to go. I called my mom in the car on the way there and she started waking people at her house. My sister and her kids were there expecting to have Thanksgiving dinner the next day. I felt terrible messing up everyone's Thanksgiving plans! Luckily I wasn't having many contractions and we made it to the hospital within about an hour of my water breaking. The nurse checked to make sure my water actually did break and said I was about 3cm dilated. They got me hooked up to a monitor and drew some blood and then we just had to wait to hear what the doctor said. By about 6:45 they came and got me to get ready for the c-section. Unfortunately my own doctor wasn't on call so another doctor was going to do the procedure but at that point I just wanted it over with. I was starting to get pretty uncomfortable with the contractions so I welcomed the numbness that came with the anesthesia. Luckily the nurses agreed to watch Austin so Josh could  be in the room with me because I was pretty scared. The procedure went off without a hitch though and before I knew it I was back in my room holding my beautiful baby boy and Austin was being brought in to meet his new little brother. Soon after, my parents arrived and took Austin home so we could rest. I felt pretty good the first day but by the second day the pain was a little worse. On the 3rd day we were able to go home and we were definitely ready! Dillon was doing well but wasn't nursing great and had dropped from 6lb 1loz to 6lb 1oz and I was still in some pain but otherwise we were doing great. Today is day 6 and the pain is much more manageable and Dillon has finally started nursing better so things are looking good! My mom has been with us all week which has been a huge help. We took Dillon to his pediatrician for a check-up yesterday and he is now up to 6lb 5oz so that is good. He sleeps all the time, I even have to wake him up to eat most of the time. Austin is being a good big brother so far...he hasn't shown any signs of jealousy at all and mostly just seems curious about the baby. We still had his birthday party as planned on Sunday afternoon and it went great. Sorry this post is kind of rambling but I'm pretty tired these days! I just wanted to get something down to let you all know how the last week has been going for us. I will post some pictures below.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

36 weeks

I finally got a c-section date! Baby Molgaard #2 will be here Monday, November 26! I am definitely ready for that day to be here...I'm starting to get pretty uncomfortable. Here is a picture of me at 36 weeks.